Pegasus email client

Any Pegasus user who is inclined to go "into" the system… you are warned against this by me, by the way, if you don't know what you are doing!… you NEED…

Hans vandenBogaerde's superb page.

From that… if you even want the name of the file where the "stuff" from, say, your "MyOldEmailsFromXX" folder is stored, you need look no further than the "HIERARCHY.PM" file.


2 Jul 20: I got brave! I got rid of my "Main Folder" folder!! (AFTER copying the message that was in into the "System Matters/How Tos Etc" folder. I may have got rid of (shudder) a folder… but that recklessness didn't extend to getting rid of a MESSAGE!)

I've never really used folders for anything other than "dealt with" emails. (Keeping all not-yet-dealt-with things in my New Mail folder doesn't really work very well… but… sigh… (I'm thinking that a "Not-yet-dealt-with" filing tray might be an answer? It would certainly be a good parent folder for my sometimes desperate scoops of "All unread frm bef (date) folders. Perhaps with "Must"/ "Should"/ "Wish" sub-folders?)

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