Why I did't vote for Mr. Obama the second time

In 2008, I was thrilled to vote for Mr. Obama. It wasn't just a vote for someone, anyone, who wasn't from the party that gave us Bush and Cheney.

Sigh. But he was re-elected. The USA re-elected George Bush… or, put another way, the Democrats were so incompetent that he was able to "steal" the election, if that is your belief. And now they re-elected Obama.

What a disappointment.

But before I start on all of that: An "attaboy": May 2014, at West Point, while dubious about "supporting" the opposition… all depends what the "support" is… I have to admit that I was greatly impressed with what he had to say about What We Need To Do about Syria. No "sound bites". No extremeism. Lots of Good Sense.

AND he brought up Guantanemo… a brave thing to do. (See below) And even spoke of "other activities" (not sure that's the words he used, but I think he was talking of "rendition", water boarding, etc… and expressed regrets, expressed a wish to fix things so that better could be done in the future.

These were the sort of things I thought he could think and say, and maybe even eventually DO when I voted for him.

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Now sadly, my rant… updated, November 2014…

Saw in a reliable source of news today:

"President Barack Obama could sign an executive order as early as this week
barring deportation of millions of immigrants, a source familiar with the
matter said. The action would apply to immigrants living illegally in the

So? Now he is above the law? He wants the votes for letting the illegal immigrants stay, so he just blocks the deportations? Is this the same man whose immigration service thought it "appropriate" to harrass people fleeing fires in California with immigration enquiries? Or were the deportations going to be carried out illegally? Did the constituion create "executve orders" to be used as "get out of jail free" cards? If Obama doesn't like the deportation laws, maybe he should… if it is "the will of the people" (ha!)… get them changed? (Yes, I realize that if the courts uphold his use of the executive order, he is operating within the letter of the law. The spirit of the law?)

As immigration has come up, I would like to add that I feel we should make it much easier for people to come to the US from abroad… and be more effective and proactive in tracking recent immigrants, and expelling those who are detriments to our society. We have an underclass of virtual slaves who are exceedingly vulnerable under the current state of affairs. And we are pouring yet more fuel on the fires of hatred of the USA which burn brightly across the globe.

And now I return you to the rant that was here before June 2014…

Today (28 Dec 2012) I see that he is proposing that the taxpayer buy from the banks the bad mortgages that are out there…. something like one home in five with a mortgage (as of June 2012) were worth
less than what borrowers owed. (The Wall Street Journal) So let's let the people who loaned so recklessly off the hook, and stick the taxpayer with the bill? Which wouldn't be so bad, if more people participated in paying the tax bill… but with just 5% of taxpayers footing 50% of the bill, it seems a bit much for the other 95% of the population to demand more from the struggling golden geese, don't you think?

In a moment, I will say why I didn't vote for Mr. Obama. First a disclaimer: I did't want to vote for Romney, though I did. He was the only realistic alternative. Voting for Donald Duck or Martin Sheen might make you feel clever, but what does it achieve?

Sadly, Romney was the alternative that we deserved, as our reward for not taking the primaries seriously enough. A handful of extremists "stole" the nomination from the large number of more moderate people because the moderates were too complacent, and didn't use their votes. And that includes "Democrats", large "D". There was no question as to who would be the Democratic nominee. Why didn't you, for this primary season, register as Republicans, and help put someone better than Romney on the ballot? Or did you in fact vote for him, so that your one-eyed man could be king in a land of the blind?

Update… (7/13)

Kind da' says it all!!

Margaret Thatcher's Funeral

Did you notice?

President Obama snubbed England's invitation to Margaret Thatcher's funeral. Nor were the VP or Secretary of State prepared to represent the US. (Obama and Co should have been great fans of Maggie. Withhout her and Ronnie, Obama and today's British rulers would have had so much less of other people's money to give away.)

The Obama administration failed to send a single senior member of the Cabinet. In fact, no actively serving, elected Democrat attended Lady Thatcher’s funeral.

Now, you might say that ObamaCo has finally taken to heart the idea that the vast expense and disruption of the manner of travel they award themselves entails are unacceptable… but…

The Obama Administration did send a formal delegation of 14 to the funeral of Socialist Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who died in March 13. A man who (Wikipedia concedes) attempted to overthrow his government, and worked to change laws which would have let him serve more terms than his country's constitution previously permited. (Maybe I should remove that bit… we don't want Obama getting ideas!)

Maybe the Manadela family are hoping that the machines can keep poor old Nelson going long enough to deny Obama the chance to ride Mandela's coat-tails? I bet Obama won't miss that memorial service!

So… why I would not vote for Obama…

Foolish promises: "I will close Guantanamo". It is a blot on our pretense of being the land of the free. But perhaps a necessary blot. Whatever the facts of that matter, Obama promised to close it. Perhaps breaking the promise was the wisest course. But maybe being more careful with promises in the first place would have made better sense.

Welched promises: Promise: "I will rescind the prohibition on visits by US citizens to Cuba". Action: "I will allow US citizens with a relative in Cuba to go there." Again… land of the free? Why do I have to risk a $250,000 fine if I want to go to Cuba? Why does the US continue to severly harm Cuba's economy? Not just the tourism sector, but also the farming sector. Why do US taxpayers pay farmers elsewhere to grow sugar, thus artificially raising the price (and paying twice for their sugar), when people in Cuba would like to sell us sugar for less than we currently (overall) pay for it? (Could it be that from every dollar taken from taxpayers to pay the a farmers, some money finds a home in the vast empire that is the US Government, for instance?)

Arrogance: He accepted the Nobel Prize for Not Being George Bush. I refuse to believe that the first thing he knew about the possiblity of receiving that prize was the headline in the newspaper saying "Obama Nobel Laureate". The committee demeaned itself and tarnished the prize by offering it. He showed his colors by accepting it.

Arrogance: When he was trying to force Obamacare down the throat of Congress, he went on TV and said something very like "If these people (the congress) knew what was in this bill, they would vote for it." Excuse me? Maybe for the 35 months he was a legislator it was his practice to vote on bills without reading them, maybe there are legislators who can't read… given precenednts and their bumbling performance in hearings… that's the case. But his comment, coming from a person in his office, offended me. We have to maintain the fiction that the legislature is a viable arm of our constitution's implementation. If a Senator had said "If the President knew…", people would be offended. So how is the President entitled?

Failure: The government's spending soars and soars, beyond all sustainable levels. And new programs being added to the spending plans.

Failure: When Israel unleashed the rockets and Apache attack helicopers (supplied by the US) on one of the most wretched slums on the planet, what did the US do?

Poor loser: When the people of Gaza elected Hamas to run that part of their lives Israel deigns to delegate, this result wasn't to his liking. So US aid to the Palestinian Authority frozen, etc, etc.

Afghanistan: What, please, are we trying to do there? Is what we are doing effective, even if you agree with the objectives? I can think of several missions we might undertake in a place like that. (And why Afghanistan? Its problems are hardly unique.) But is what we are doing there serving anyone's interests?

Bending the rules: The way Obamacare "passed" in the legislature.

Playing with fire: How often do you think about the Third World War? You know, the one that will spread radioactive fallout across the planet. Two nations, armed to the teeth… arms including nuclear weapons on both sides… have been at each others throats for years, and exchanged live fire frequently. No A-Bombs yet… but is this a hornet's nest we want to stir? I speak, of course, of India and Pakistan. And Obama thinks it right to fire US missiles into Pakistan? If Mexico fired misslies into the US, I think there might be problems. Or if they sent a SEAL team into the US and killed someone sheltering there. But Obamba thought that was okay.

Dragging others down to US standards: What happened to the right of a person to his day in court before the next blue moon? Detained in custody in the UK, without charge, for many years: People the US has demanded be extradited to the US. If a US citizen was being held without charge in, say, Burma, would the US think that okay?

Cynical: Twice, four years ago, I sent money to the Obama campain. Twice they wrote back, asking who my employer was. "Required by campain finance laws". Twice I didn't reply. Twice they cashed the checks anyway.

The good news for you Democrats…

I would have been delighted to help those inclined try to throw Romney out in 4 years' time, if he wins.

And I will be happy to vote for Democrats for the legistature on two counts…

a) So that the harm Romney can do can be limited. I have little faith in his ability to go good things.

b) On the general principle of voting against incumbants. The people in Washington aren't listening. We need to send a message.

Socialism is a good system

Maggie Thatcher said so! She said….

Socialism is a good system….

… until you run out of other people's money to spend.

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