LibreOffice (Generally) (Hints often also apply to OpenOffice)

Welcome! This page started 21 Jun 20, the first in my LibreOffice pages in this blog. Tips on enjoying LibreOffice. Often a comment here will also apply in OpenOffice. See my LibreOffice Base- specific page for comments specific to the database app inside LibreOffice.

For many, many years I have used the system tools to make backups os documents I am working on. In LibreOffice, there's an easier way: File/ Save a Copy. Does what it says on the tin: You get the SaveAs dialog, specify a filename, a copy of your work is saved under that name, but when the app finishes that, you are left where you were, and you are still "connected" to the original copy of whatever you were working on.

It is easy to modify your tollbar to add an icon for doing it.

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