Iot- the "Internet of Things"

This is yet another "stub" in my Blogik world… sorry…

There will be overlap between this and other pages (e.g. the Arduiono page).

This page is for "Internet of Things" ("IoT") stuff not appropriate to one of those other pages.

I'm a retired teacher/ lifelong computing/ electronics hobbyist.

I like to try to Do It MySelf. But looking at commercial products can be the source of ideas.

I came across….

sl4p's site (Australian) thanks to a helpful post in a thread about getting an IoT device to a text message to my cellphone. (aka SMS).

the "ControlMate SMS" is more than I need for my wants, and this is seems to be one of those annoying sites that only let you know how much one would cost if you write them, but they do a good job with posting specifics about what they set out to make when they built their product, and how it works. Seems to be a control unit with inputs and outputs which can send messages about what's on the inputs, accept commmands about how you want the outputs

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