A fun(?) project- Where's George

Just a bit of fun….

What makes us choose to do "a" instead of "b" with our time in this life?

The nice people at….


…. have set up something which I find "fun"… and you might too.

You mark any dollar bills that you choose to with…

"Track this bill at www.WheresGeorge.com"

… and then you put the bill's serial number into an online database, along with where and when it was with you.

Anyone who subsequently bothers to visit the site then… without "registering" or anything… has the option of putting in further sightings of the bill. A bit like bird banding, or ringing.

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Unexpected bonus

While I joined the project for the reasons which either you can guess, or I couldn't explain, there has been an unexpected bonus. After entering over 500 bills into the system (blush), I am now much more fluent on the numeric keypad! Hint: When your eyes register a "0", make your mind say "z"… not "oh" (it is the digit, not the letter) and not "zero" (the two syllables slow you down from the fluency you could attain.) And of course, watch the screen as you type the digits.

A data entry hint: To enter A12345678B….

Enter "ab", then do a backspace, then do the 12345678

Bills I've known…

It has been interesting to me how few people have a sense of fun! Not a lot of bills get "hits", but of course that just makes the ones that do more fun. You can, of course, get reports on "your" bills from the Where's George site, but I'm building a collection here of a few examples….

Here's the one which prompted me to start this page… mostly for my own reference, of course. It traveled 7,958 miles, going 234 days between sighting reports.


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