Films to see

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Oh joy! Another list of "films to see"… just what the internet needs!! Oh well… you CAN stop reading here, if you wish!

In some cases, thre will be a link you can follow… Where present, it will take you to the IMDB entry for the film

The entries below somewhat haphazard, so I will mention here in the preface the three "great" films I would take with me to a desert island, if I could take only two…. Empire of the Sun, Billy Elliot (the film of the musical… (available (at last) from late 2015 for USA DVD players! Buy via Amazon)… although the Walters/ Bell original is superb, too) and Love Actually.

Great yarn, and more…


I'd forgotten that "Trash" offers more than "just" a good yarn. See trailer… then see film!…

How's this for sad, though: There are scenes from the lives of kids who pick over the trash (rubbish) at the municipal land fill site… and the film makers decided that they needed to create a "fake" land fill site because filming on the real thing would be too hazardous for the crew. (They were doing a lot of location shooting just miles from the real thing, and I believe the child actors were actual street kids, who worked the real thing before "winning the lottery", being chosen for the film.)

Bring your Kleenex

Secret Life of Bees

A film adapted from a book, and an example of how rich such things can be. The mysterious Dakota Fanning on top form as an very badly treated 14 year old white girl from a hard background, growing up in South Carolina in 1964.

Very moving in places… and you may be tempted to switch off, not wanting to see what you think may be coming. Stick it out! Nothing gratuitous, nothing un-justified by the needs of the story.

Interesting… and encouraging… that the director felt the need to inflict a trick on one of the lead actors (the lady playing Rosalind, Dakota's character's friend and helper) to help her understand what it was to be black in the 60's. (Details at IMDB)

Touching Biography

Echoes of the Rainbow

I hope you don't have too much trouble finding this one. You may have to watch it in Chinese, with English sub-titles. Touching story of the life of a lovely man, shoemaker, in 1960's Hong Kong. No "Hollywood razzle-dazzle"…. just lovely.

A guiet gem

Edges of the Lord

There have been many films arising out of the holocaust. This one is special for telling a small story, as proxy for the wider horrors. Deserved a wider release. Story of a Polish farming family who take in a small jewish boy from the city, try to pass him off as a nephew. The IMDB description does a poor job of conveying the feel of the film. Watch out for where the title comes from.

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