Random Selection- Life after Billy

This is a random selection of notes, unreliable!, about what people who were part of Billy Elliot, the musical, London or UK/Ireland?Germany tour did. There are much better resources on the web. This is mostly "done for me".

(Alphabetical by first name, in groups by part played. Groups: B /M / D /Sm /Tb /Bg then adults by part played…)

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I should mention that the excellent "SkyKid" also reports on "Life After Billy", in addition to the wonderful archive he has built up of who did what where when.


Ali Rasul

  • Successful, in partnership with girlfriend, Britain's Got Talent, Spring 2017. Reached semi-final. Missed final by a whisker, to public vote.

Euan Garrett

  • Attended Dunbar School of Dancing
  • Last boy to join VPT production as Billy. First show: 16 Nov, 2015.
  • Sept 16: Started, Tring.
  • June 17: (13yo) Performed in Brief Encounters, Tring Park "one night" production, Shaw Theatre, London. Living North Bewick. Newspaper coverage

George Maguire

  • There are three (2x UK, 1x USA) in show biz, 2017. Beware confusions.

Kaine Ward

Layton Williams

  • Summer 2017- will be joining Hairspray tour as Seaweed.

Rhys Yoemans

  • Spring(ish) 2017: Won Ballet class, BBC Young Dancer 2017
  • News seen 01 Aug 17: Having completed his training at the ENB School, Rhys has now joined the English National Ballet. "Joining the Company as Artist of the Company"

ENB announcement

Tom Holland



+++Matthew Seadon-Young

  • pp FB post, joined VPT 16Nov 2015
  • (BETM) To play xx in Big Fish (London) with "Fraser", short run around Cmas 17
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