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The USA is going through bad times. And this "editorial" has been revised since the longed-for result, Nov 2020. When the UN and Russia criticize US human rights behavior, you know something is amiss.

I absolutely agree with those who say that there are very clear parallels between what has happened in the USA recently and what happened during Hitler's rise to power. While Hitler never had quite the setback that the GOP was handed in November 2020, we're still perilously close to the 1930's Germany. More people voted for Trump than ever voted for any president before. (And the increase in the US population doesn't explain all of that away.)

9 Nov 20 Update: WE ARE NOT OUT OF THE WOODS. Those who "won" have only won a battle. Will they behave decently? Wisely? The USA is still a mess. Many people feel, passionately, "He is NOT MY President". The Democratic party won in only a tiny part of the area of the nation. Will the "winners" refrain from triumphalism? From cruel jokes about the departing President and his party? Will they refrain from pushing too far, too fast with programs that are anathema to many US citizens? Unless it is too inflammatory, I would go for "Make the USA Decent" as the correct tag line to go forward under.


Among the welter of issues one might discuss, I'll pick one: The KinderDiebstahl. The people who gave, at various points in the chain, orders to tear refugee children from their refugee families… and those who followed some of those orders should be prosecuted and punished. (They started the KinderDiebstahl during Obama's presidency, remember. They are still there today, post-Biden's election.) Generous compensation… perhaps in the form of a fast track to US citizenship AND cash… should be awarded to the abused families. Even those whose attempt to enter the USA was flawed, even "less than perfect" families. When did either excuse bad behavior by the law enforcement agencies of the USA, and their oversight mechanisms?

The failure of the legislators and citizens of the USA to remove that man for so long will blight the USA's place in the world to come.

Don't forget that those who empowered him… the GOP… still holds virtually every seat that it did in Congress before the Nov 2020 election. The Democrats have the White House… for now… But there's still work to be done. There seems little chance that anything effective is underway, let alone close to fruition.

Trump was "your president", people. No one remembers that any Germans didn't like Hitler. They remember that nothing was done about him by the German nation.

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